C3 Innovations Voice Networks

C3 Innovations has a diverse and varied range of voice services available for your business to chose from. Whether your focus be to run diverse carrier fixed voice services, duel technologies such as ISDN and SIP or just stick with one simple voice service. We also have the full range of inbound number services ranging from; simple single termination inbound number services, multiple termination point complex inbound numbers, postcode or state based routing, 13, 1300, 1800 and International Inbound Toll Free services. With this range C3 Innovations can support you business drivers and desired outcomes. C3 can also provide you with multi-Carrier options should you have a preference.

Why C3 Innovations Voice Networks?

As the National Broadband Network is rolled out across the nation the NBN send out notices to your communications supplier and to the end customer advising them of the “cease sale” of copper services in the area. You would be right to ask, what does this mean?

This effectively means that any plain old telephone services (PSTN) will be disconnected within 12-18 months. You are basically being put on notice to move to an Internet Protocol (IP) based voice service within the next 12 months or face a lack of connectivity. This will mean that faxes, alarms and elevator phones will need to be modernised to work with the new network and ADSL services will stop working.

Fortunately Cloud3 Innovations can provide you with the correct technology to future proof yourself both at a voice services and data network level ready for the NBN and prevent you from unnecessary outages.

For additional levels of redundancy why not look at a SIP solution with ISDN back up.
Modern voice services use a protocol called “Session Initiation Protocol” (SIP) where as traditional voice services were either “Integrated Services Digital Network” (ISDN) which is a set of CCITT/ITU standards for digital transmission over ordinary telephone copper wire or, “Public switched telephone network” (PSTN) which is the standard copper pair of wires like that of a home phone line.

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SIP Traversal & SIP Access

SIP is a protocol that allows technology companies to run voice services across data networks. There are two main options in the world of SIP, SIP Access whereby the handset has an IP address and auto configuration program which enables creation of the SIP channel usually across public internet without dedicated bandwidth(uncontrolled) and SIP Traversal whereby the channel is provisioned at a network level across a private link with dedicated bandwidth(controlled).

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PRI Voice

A PRI service is the next step in the evolution of traditional ISDN services. A PRI utilises an underlaying number of SIP channels in unison with a ISDN hand-off to result in a virtual ISDN service terminating the the customers equipment. This can be particularly useful in the circumstance where there is a hybrid PABX in place and the transition to full SIP is to be a gradual process. We have three carrier options to support this product.

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Traditional ISDN and PSTN

A PSTN line is the standard copper voice line that we are all used to at our homes and in our offices. Historically we have had an essential need for these services for ADSL, Fax’s and security/elevator Alarms however with the NBN fast on it’s way these services are fast being replaced with digital versions to enable us to continue to use the devices mentioned above.

The ISDN service is a multi channel voice service to support a PABX solution in the standard business environment. We have four carrier options for this type of service.

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1800, 1300, 13 Inbound

C3 Innovations have a range of 13, 1300 and 1800 services that can be provided with options such as simple single termination inbound number services, multiple termination point complex inbound numbers, postcode or state based routing, 13, 1300, 1800 and International Inbound Toll Free services.

Quality, Stability and Reliability

At the end of the day, regardless of which voice technology you wish to implement three things are of paramount importance; the quality of the voice calls, the stability of the voice channels so that you have uninterrupted conversations and the reliability that when you need to use your voice services they are working.

It may seem pretty simple right? Well it should be and this is why C3 approach voice network design a little differently by delivering each of our customers transparent assessments of their voice network designs. We will not provide false reassurance when asked about vulnerabilities but instead work with you to improve your voice service design to meet the standards you wish to achieve. We are not aligned to any Carrier so we can provide you the right solution to meet your requirements without bias. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.