C3 OMNIcloud IPT (Internet Protocol Telephony)

IP Telephony has come a long way from the days of VoIP services and in the current market, is now the standard solution for corporate and enterprise business. The global market is dominated by one player, Broadsoft. The C3 OMNIcloud Broadsoft offering is market leading and can be tailored to suit any business size or type. We believe, as does the global market, that C3 OMNIcloud is the most flexible and well suited to the majority of businesses with only a few companies requiring an alternative. C3 OMNIcloud range of add-ins and native integrations positions the platform well to deliver a solid feature set for resounding value. C3 OMNIcloud is also regarded as the most open source IPT solution available today which will enable your business to look at integrating all of those bespoke homegrown platforms you have been using for years or would like to develop in house as well as the likes of Salesforce, which c3 have built native integrations into our base OMNIcloud platform. C3 provide the full array of Broadsoft Cloud, Contact Centre and Unified Communications applications, desktop clients and features so that you can get the very most out of your IP Telephony environment to support your business through growth and innovation.

Why C3 Innovations OMNIcloud for your business IPT?

We recommend the C3 OMNIcloud Broadsoft Platform because it is globally recognised as No.1 however we are vendor agnostic so just let us know what you are looking for and we will provide you the pro’s and con’s of your chosen direction.
We are that confident in our solution and rates that we can guarantee you a savings with C3 Innovations OMNIcloud IPT. Saving on costs is just one element of the migration to the modern era of telephony services, but a pretty good one!
Your applications are there to support your business, not the other way around. With a feature rich platform that will grow with your business you will never be hamstrung, but instead always supported for growth.
C3 OMNIcloud Broadsoft is an open source platform and therefore you can integrate it with whatever you please. Just ask out Design Architects or the Broadsoft community resource centre which you will have free access to when you become a C3 Innovations OMNIcloud IPT client.


Natively integrated into Salesforce and many other mainstream platforms

C3 Innovations CC-One Salesforce Edition – Gives your business more control and visibility over operations with call center data and reporting integrated with the Salesforce database. With a few simple clicks, you can control operations – changing IVR behavior, altering call routing priorities, or rerouting traffic – to respond to changing conditions quickly for a more agile call center. The full user experience for agents, supervisors, call center managers, and administrators is built directly into Salesforce. This provides all users with a familiar experience that is fully integrated with their standard business tools. Combined with Salesforce’s support for non-voice interactions, the Salesforce Call Center provides Salesforce customers a complete omni-channel contact center all from within the Salesforce application. Serves all customer sizes, as long as they use Salesforce. The C3 CC-One Hybrid Cloud Edition provides a full suite of call management features for customers seeking to complement existing premises-based call distribution technologies.

360 degree Omni-channel- Feature Rich

Want to make a call from anywhere at anytime and still be reachable like your sitting in your office? How about make a call, switch to a video conference and then move from your laptop to your mobile device?

How many times are you on a call but need to send someone a msg only meters away, why not IM them? Then switch to a call when you are off the phone.

Wishing you could make live changes at no cost? Forget the old fashioned way of 2hr, 4hr or even 24hr wait times with costly charges from your telecommunications provider. C3 Innovations can allow you to make many adds, moves and changes for free and live on the spot! Imagine what this could mean to your business during times of fast change. You will not only keep up with the game but be leading it.

Carbon Neutral IP Telephony

C3 Innovations is proud to be the first supplier to bring you a completely carbon neutral IP Telephony solution!

Now your business can do it’s bit to be both socially and environmentally conscious. By deploying our C3 Innovations carbon Neutral OMNIcloud solution you can remove unwanted handsets and move to an entirely soft phone environment. Our platform is ever present on all your devices from your desktop/laptop to your mobile and table device. C3 NoCo2 comes with free unlimited audio and video conferencing full desktop or application sharing and is transferrable between device mid-call.

To top it all off, when you deploy our carbon neutral OMNIcloud platform you will be awarded the stamp of approval from the Carbon Reduction Institute to place on your website and other business collateral letting the world know that you are doing your bit for our planet.

Single Number Display

Desk phone number, softphone number, mobile number… Wouldn’t it be easy if you could present a single number to anyone you call on any device?

Well now you can! C3 Innovations are proud to be the first to offer the Australian market the opportunity to use a single mobile number for all caller line identification.

Did you know that 25% more calls are answered when a mobile number is displayed? Have you ever wanted to cease providing staff company mobiles? Working rom a desk one minute and from the road the next?

C3 Innovations UC-One enables the user to dial out from their mobile on our IOS/Android app displaying their mobile number. Pick up your desk phone and dial out, the same mobile number displays. using a softphone on your laptop, same number again.

All this and you still get audio & video conferencing or screen sharing completely free from the same application!!


Hardware options to suit any requirement

Polycom, Yealink… the list goes on. Hardware is just an extension of the brains of the operation so we can supply whatever your heart desires.

from a standard desk phone to a colour handset with touch screen functionality these are part of our standard range. Want to run video across your handsets, then lets look at the handset models that can make it happen. Wish to have crystal clear conference calls regardless of the room size, no problem C3 Innovations has the hardware to deliver on your requirements.

All of this and we’ll amortise the solution to meet your budget requirements. Want a full opex model with zero installation/set up costs, no problem. Want to pick up your assets and sweat it before tax time, easy done with C3 Innovations flexi fit.

C3 Innovations Concept Of Cloud Computing

True Redundancy and Resiliency – Dependable Voice

Moving to a cloud based telephony platform will add multiple layers of redundancy to your environment that the traditional on-site PABXs (box that does the thinking in your cupboard) cannot. Effectively you are replacing a single point of failure at your office with multiple instances virtualised in our data centres. Should you lose power or connectivity to your office simply switch to the C3 Innovations OMNIcloud app on your mobile handset and take/make calls like you are sitting in your desk on your landline. Add in one of C3 Innovations 3/4G Failover routers to your network design and you have a solution that will work in pretty much any situation.

You want reliability then you need C3 Innovations OMNIcloud IPT.

C3 Integrated Collaboration

One supplier to deliver your business the full stack; from infrastructure and cloud telephony platform through to a mature collaboration suite, now thats Technology Unified!

With free unlimited audio and video conferencing, screen sharing and room based systems, C3 UC One Communicator will have your business communications technology unified in no time.