C3 Innovations Enterprise Grade WLAN

C3 Innovations has reviewed a number of the key market players in the Managed Wifi, WLAN space and narrowed it down to two, Aruba and Cisco Meraki. In keeping with our standard agnostic approach we have reviewed each of the two in detail and as you would imagine they both have their strengths and weaknesses. Aruba has a number of advantages in the enterprise space where as Meraki work really well in the retail and small office environments. Aruba’s core product to market are WLAN solutions and Aruba are leaders in their field and Meraki have a surrounding portfolio of complementary product for a variety of situations. Aruba or Meraki when delivered by C3 Innovations bring to the table advantages such as intelligent transitioning between Access Points to ensure smooth, uninterrupted connectivity during movement across large office space maximising the end user experience. Each AP has their own built in profiling capabilities, C3 Innovations can create device-specific enforcement policies for differentiated access and zero-day threat mitigation. We can easily grant or deny user access privileges based on device type, ownership status or operating system just to name a few capabilities. And finally C3 Innovations have found that by covering both Aruba and Cisco Meraki we are able to offer a more commercially sound offering when placed against multiple scales. A C3 Innovations WLAN solution is about being tailored to fit your requirements so let work together to design a fit for purpose solution based on your business.

Why C3 Innovations Aruba WiFi

Mobile devices break conventional network access rules and introduce new threat vectors. An Adaptive Trust model leverages contextual data across the network infrastructure and security systems to mitigate traditional and mobile risks.
There’s no easier way to get enterprise-grade Wi-Fi up and running. Aruba Instant delivers the only controllerless Wi-Fi solution that is easy to set-up, and loaded with security and smarts needed to accelerate your business without breaking your budget.
When it comes to managing your network, we give you the freedom to choose. Because a one-size-fits-all approach can’t possibly meet your needs as your business evolves. That’s why it’s important to have the flexibility to manage your network your way. All C3 Innovations Aruba Instant access points feature a simple, intuitive management dashboard that’s easy to use. New access points automatically get their configurations from existing ones, making it quick and effortless to increase Wi-Fi coverage.

C3 Managed WLAN in any location

C3 Managed WLAN in any location

Got a major event for a few days, a parkland commercial area requiring coverage, football stadium with thousands of users or office space requiring high speed internet access to multiple mobile devices? C3 Innovations have worked with many partners over the years to deliver services to some of the most varied places you can imagine as well as covering more offices across Australia than we can count. Imagine your customers picking up 30mb speeds on their mobile devices through your guest wifi during a 70,000 strong crowd music festival, or your customers picking up real speed when their team wins during a major sporting event. Contemplate your staff moving between business sections, office floors or event between buildings and never losing data connectivity to your WLAN on their IPAD and mobile.

C3 Innovations Solution

Why a C3 Innovations WLAN Solution?

There are many, many reasons why we have selected Aruba & Meraki as our primary desired WLAN offerings from scope of technical capability to commercial viability. But why just take our word for it… when you can take Forrester and Gartner’s also. Aruba and Meraki both scored top of the class with a 4.11 in the 2015 Gartner report for Entreprise Wireless Connectivity and was positioned as one of only two in the “Leaders” category in the Forrester WAVE™ for WLAN Solutions using five, simple architectural characteristics: scalable, shared, simplified, standardized and secure. So let C3 Innovations help you evaluate the critical capabilities of wireless LAN access networking vendors against a set of common enterprise use cases to determine which vendors have the best mix of capabilities for your specific usage requirements.


Access Control with Branded Login

Providing high speed network access to your end customer’s mobile device is becoming more and more important however with this comes the requirement to control who the end user is, what the end user is doing and how they are doing it. The C3 Innovations Aruba wireless offering enables the customer to have true control over their environment from the speed and session access times down to URL filtering. Our customers can review usage data and gain a better understanding of their end users usage habits and browsing processes improving targeted marketing campaigns, promotional events and customer engagement. The guest user login experience allows for branding of the login portal, credential data capture and promotional advertising which comes in handy in a variety of situations depending on your business focus.

Full End to End Solution

Full End to End Solution

AS with any complex solution delivery there are multiple moving parts that come together to make a successful experience. Internet access to remote areas, complex installation, full hardware configuration, high density cabling just to name a few, there are multiple key elements to a seamless Wireless Solution. At C3 Innovations we intimately familiar with deploying complex managed Wireless Access and public/private networks in a range of environments such as at major 2, 3, 4 day events around Australia with over 100,000 visitors, Sports stadiums, Hospitals and multi story executive offices. All of which require different elements to ensure a smooth and uninterupted Wireless experience. Why try and go to multiple vendors and try and manage all those relationships when C3 Innovations can handle it all for you.


Hardware to service any environment

The C3 Innovations WLAN hardware options have a device to service just about anywhere from the ultra-fast 320 series 802.11ac Wave 2 APs that offer the highest performance in high-density environments and can be managed by a Mobility Controller or deployed in controllerless Aruba Instant mode, an intemiedary option with the Affordable and multifunctional 200-series 802.11ac APs maximize mobile device performance in medium-density Wi-Fi environments. With support for two spatial streams, these compact dual-radio APs deliver wireless data rates up to 867 Mbps through to the innovative and aesthetically-designed 270-series outdoor APs which deliver fast and reliable 802.11ac Wi-Fi performance under any weather conditions. The three-stream 270 series also enables 802.11n mobile devices to operate up to three-times faster at the same distance from the AP. Purpose-built for the harshest outdoor environments, 270-series APs can withstand extreme temperatures, persistent moisture and precipitation, and are fully sealed to keep out airborne contaminants.


 Quality of Service (QoS) down to the Access Point level

AppRF is a new PEF feature on the ArubaOS controllers. It is designed to give network administrators insight into the applications that are running on their network, and who is using them.

Aruba has extended the network intelligence offered by our unique, market leading firewall to include powerful heuristics and visualization techniques. Together, these give customers a real time and historical (with airwave) view of who is using what applications, and when.

It will also include support for detection of several more web-based applications, and enhancements in the accuracy of our peer-to-peer detection technology.

AppRF collects data from the network activity of authenticated users and uses this data to build pie charts and lists of the top applications, destinations, WLANs, users, and device types. These results are based on the volume of traffic in each of these categories.


Quality of Service (QoS) and RF Management

C3 Innovations WLAN powered by Aruba Instant comes with automatic RF management that ensures the strongest Wi-Fi connection for all mobile devices. And granular visibility into mobile apps prioritizes business-critical data, and keeps out the malicious content. The C3 Innovations Aruba InstantOS comes with integrated Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technology, which optimizes Wi-Fi behavior and automatically ensures that the Instant APs stay clear of RF interference, resulting in a more reliable, higher- performing wireless network. C3 Innovations Instant Wi-Fi integrates everything into the AP – controller functions, security, ARM RF management, ClientMatch performance optimisation, and AppRF to improve the use of bandwidth, priority and network paths. You can control the prioritisation with QoS at the AP level and configure it as you wish through the management portal, it’s that easy.


Cloud based Management Portal

When it comes to Wi-Fi management, we give you the flexibility to choose. You can use an Instant access point or a controller to manage an entire cluster of access points. Or you can manage them with a cloud-based or an on-site network management platform. All Aruba Instant access points feature a simple, intuitive management dashboard that’s easy to use. New access points automatically get their configurations from existing ones, making it quick and effortless to increase Wi-Fi coverage. Aruba Central is your best choice for managing Aruba wired and wireless in the cloud. Monitoring, troubleshooting, firmware upgrades, provisioning and configuration – it’s all in the cloud. With AirWave, you can centrally manage controller-based and controllerless wireless networks and generations of wired networks from just about any vendor, across multiple locations. Aruba Mobility Controllers streamline access point deployment and enable management of large networks within a large campus or across many remote sites. We are talking about a well rounded product offering here.