C3 Innovations Data Networks

Delivering the right network

If you go to any Telecommunications provider in the market today they will want to sell you a network that costs a large amount and delivers very little from a features perspective. This is one of the reasons so many businesses are turning to cloud based solutions to meet their needs. To combat this C3 Innovations has agreements with all of the major network suppliers with in Australia and some that cover the globe. We are truly agnostic in this respect and can provide you with the real information about each carrier so that you can select the single carrier or mixed carrier solution that meets your budget and requirements.

Our Design team have a minimum of 10 years experience in simple and complex network design, implementation and in-life support. To complement this vast knowledge base our solution set will allow your engineer to tailor the level of robustness and redundancy that is right for your unique business needs, focusing more detail in the key areas that are mission critical while ensuring the peripherals are also well looked after.

A business data network is a key part of your everyday operations, we understand how important this service can be to you and your end clients. Let us provide you a no-obligation, free consultation to demonstrate how C3 do things differently and at the same time answer any questions you may have.

Infrastructure Options

Internet/MPLS independent, Application optimisation, Intelligent path control and Secure connectivity with AES encryption just to name a few reasons.
We have a wide verity of VPN and MPLS options to meet your ever changing business needs.

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Want a simple link from A to B that you can manage internally? Thats no problem with our multi-vendor layer 2 infrastructure options.
Looking for an alternative method of connecting your business sites? With Fixed Wireless Symmetrical Services we can find the solution to suit your requirements.

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Managed/Un-Managed business grade, NBN or even ADSL2+ we have it all across multiple networks!

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Data Centre rack space, Co-Location options, Virtual Private Servers and Virtual Data Centre are all part of the C3 Innovations standard product offering.
Either as an internet service, extension of your private network or a fail over option, the C3 Innovations 3/4G wireless router solutions are a great stand alone or bundled product offering.
C3 Innovations can provide you with the NBN contended internet products currently available in the market place today.

When the NBN Synchronous private service offering is released later in 2016 this will also become available through the C3 network solutions portfolio.

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Reliability & Stability

We go on and one about these two aspects as they are core to our customers requirements everytime we ask. The key to the success of your network is reliability and stability and this can be delivered really only two ways; 1) Through a mixture of technologies and 2) via a mixture of diverse carriers infrastructure. C3’s multi-Carrier, multi-vendor offering enable us to bring the best of bread, independent solutions from each of the providers in the market to ensure the design that is put forward has the best chance of supplying your business with a zero possibility of failure. There is a mass of varied options for our customers to choose from. We are not aligned to anyone supplier so we will provide you with unbiased facts for you to consider so you are a part of the informed decision making process.

Map On Interface

The Value of an Agnostic Supplier

Ask any of the major carrier networks in Australia who is the best network for my business and the answer is usually the same… “Ours and because we built it like this or like that”. The reality in many cases is that the best solution comprises pieces from one carrier and pieces from another. There is no better redundancy than diverse carrier (Optus/Telstra) combined with diverse infrastructure types (fixed wireless/fibre) and via diverse paths (alternate routing). This is where C3 Innovations really shines as we can provide you all of the above on one invoice in a competitive commercial offering. Leaving you, the customer with a single point of contact for all your network requirements.

Network Plan

Purpose Built to Meet Your Business Needs

C3 have over 20 years experience in tailoring solutions to meet clients requirements. We are at the fore front of the market developments delivering leading technologies to keep your business ahead of the competition. Allow us the time to get a firm understanding of your business operations and nuances and from this we can design a uniquely prefect solution. This is not a one sided process and the C3 team will work through the options with you to reach a mutually agreed best outcome. Call us today and have our highly qualified team provide you a no obligation free consultation.

Enterprise Monitoring

Your business systems are critical to your businesses success, so it’s essential you are aware of any issues before your staff or customers are. C3 customers can begin the process of rectification with minimum lost time resulting from C3’s enterprise-level ICT monitoring of networks, servers, environmental systems, applications and communications links.

C3 leverages patented Nimsoft® monitoring software in the national Network Operations Centre (NOC), specialised operations personnel monitor and remediate every level of you ICT stack 24 hours per day. Further insight is provided to our customers through our secure web portal providing our customers the ability to review your systems and network. C3 Innovations is constantly on the job!

Network Security and Compliance

Network connectivity and the security of that connectivity, are fundamental aspects of a Cloud and Network Solution. C3 Innovations’ Cloud and Network Services have been created with top level security and flexibility options around how your business interacts with the service. C3 offers a variety of levels of network penetration testing and reporting, including the use of external third parties to provide peace of mind that your systems and data are safe.

C3 Innovations delivers network solutions for Internet, WAN and DC, including co-location and inter-state presence. This includes dedicated and multi-tenanted HA, supporting advanced security and proactive perimeter defence.