C3 Innovations Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C)

UC&C is the combination of four core products; Audio conferencing, Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing and Web Events. It is the process by which these products interact with each other, business systems, applications and processes to deliver a better way to communicate and improve operational efficiency.
C3 have a range of options available beginning with the Broadsoft native Smart UC suite right up to immersive “real to life” room based solutions.

Why C3 Innovations for UC&C?

Manage your conference directly from your internet browser or connect straight from your smartphone and turn your device into a remote control for your meeting.
More face to face time will allow companies to build closer relationships whilst reducing costs. Collaborating via easy to use and always available InViewUC video is the best approach to improving communications inside and outside your company.
Offering your dispersed teams the flexibility to work from home, remotely, or on the move means a more equipped, efficient and more productive workforce. This improves a company’s ability to retain and attract new generations of workers who are used to collaborative technologies.
With collaborative video communications, things simply happen faster reducing the time it takes to get things done. Video collaboration enhances performance and competitiveness allowing companies to adapt quickly to change.
When using video to conduct business, it minimises the need for local and international travel. This saves both time and money, whilst also reducing your carbon footprint. We offer scalable and competitively priced subscription-based services that will deliver an immediate return on investment.

Group Of Businesspeople In Video Conference

Video Collaboration

Deploying video allows you to have secure high definition face to face communication regardless of your physical location. Including video in your daily routine breaks down communication barriers, increasing your business agility, mobility and productivity.

The possible cost savings on decreased interstate and inter-country flights can be huge to a business.  Time saving on decision making time lines can produce great results from both competitive advantage and cost to market perspective. The technology is readily available at arms length as a fast and secure communication medium.


Audio Conferencing

Whether you’re a small business with clients all over the country or a multi-national with teams all over the world, you need to bring people together quickly and cost-effectively.

All you need is a phone and anyone around the globe can join in to share information and discuss ideas. In short, you get more done in less time.

This product delivers Full High Definition Dolby Sound so hearing the sound of a pin drop on the other side of the globe is now just as possible as speaking with multiple people across the world in one simple call with crystal clear sound clarity.


Web and Event Conferencing

For a premium audio or video conferencing service request one of our event conferences. You will have your very own operator to manage all of the conference functions, welcome guests and assist with any requirements during the call. This truly is a professional service that delivers a seamless, smooth experience.

Our web based conferencing solution is first class. We are finding however that other mediums have become the norm in the UC&C world, web conferencing is no longer as prolific as it used to be. Should you wish to acquire a web conferencing solution the C3 Innovations platform is where it’s at.

Verticals – Video Practical Application



To succeed in today’s competitive economy, companies of all sizes need the ability to share communication amongst a distributed workforce. Video collaboration solutions make it easier to connect stores and the remote teams transforming their everyday smartphones, tablets and PCs into a virtual workspace for productive collaboration.
Whether you work for a retail chain or a department store, video can create cost effective ways to keep departments, suppliers, warehouses and of course the customer connected through face to face contact.



In the manufacturing world, supply chains are driven by consumer demand. Supplier efficiency is crucial to success. Using video conferencing enables suppliers to coordinate work flow simultaneously keeping everyone in the loop and on top of numbers.

Whether you need to loop a remote worker into a supply chain meeting, or collaborate on design updates, you’re covered!


Professional Services

Video Conferencing solutions help law firms, insurance companies, financial advisors and other professionals to deliver higher quality, more personalized services while keeping costs under control.
To stay competitive in the market, professional services firms are using video communications to improve customer satisfaction while establishing more efficient and effective ways of serving clients. In this environment secure communications are essential and C3 Innovations Video solutions protect transactions that involve sensitive information.



The benefits of Interactive video conferencing are truly changing the way we teach and learn. By using video it helps students, schools and universities achieve their academic goals.

Whether it is professors broadcasting live lectures across the globe or students connecting together to brainstorm on subjects, their attention levels soar and so does their learning by interacting over video. Using C3 Innovations video services enables students to participate in virtual classrooms from any device, wherever they are in the world.