Cloud Managed Services and Data Centre Solutions

Cloud and managed services with C3 InnovationsCloud Managed Services, also know as Virtualization in the technology world refers to migrating away from physical Servers and storage as complete hardware platforms, certain logical abstractions of their componentry, or only the functionality required to run various operating systems. Virtualization replaces the physical characteristics of an environment from a customer perspective, presenting instead a cost effective, secure and redundant environment from which a customer can deploy, support and enrich their end users experience whether that be at home, in the office or on the road.

Our Data Centres span all of the major brands and locations around Australia, ensuring you have the most diverse range of options and solutions available from any one supplier in the Australian market today.

  • 99.98% resilient
  • 24 Hour Australian based NOC and Service Desk
  • IBM®, Cisco®, NetApp®, VMware®, CommVault®, Nimsoft®

How can Virtualization assist my business?

Many businesses are turning to an IaaS model to support them through transformation to a centralised model, develop a redundancy plan, consolidate disparate locations, mobilise their work force or just to remove a looming large capital expense. There are many ways in which C3 Innovations can assist you leveraging an IaaS solution, ask us today!
Many businesses are looking to C3 Innovations to provide them confidence and peace of mind that their mission critical applications, email and data bases will be always at the ready, secure and have multiple levels of failover. With our relationships with Next DC, Equinix, Interactive and many more we are uniquely positioned to supply you vendor diversity along with all of the standard data centre offerings.
Offering your dispersed teams the flexibility to work from home, remotely, or on the move means a more equipped, efficient and more productive workforce. Working from a centralised application layer housed in one of C3 Innovations Data centres means your workforce can access you full suite of internal applications and data from anywhere at anytime in a secure manner.
Virtual private Back up (VPB) has established itself with a place in the modern technology stack. Most businesses recognise that having an off-site backup is critical to data conservation and rather than wear expensive hardware and housing costs, they chose to have C3 Innovations look after their back up in our commercially attractive private cloud.
When your server hardware starts to age, when you wish to leverage applications that require new limits of processing speed and storage, when your looking for a solution that will minimise your day to day costs Virtual Private Servers are a viable alternative to large capital expense with increased on-site risk of hardware or network failure.

Cloud and Managed Services

Migrating to a C3 Innovations Managed Cloud offering means you don’t have to worry about IT hardware, patching servers or performance. C3 Innovations takes this pain away allowing you to concentrate on running your business. C3 Innovations Cloud Services offers your business greater resilience, data protection and high performance for every cent that you spend, We absorb the Capex so you don’t have to.

Have C3 scope your current systems and applications, deliver a comprehensive Cloud plan and outlay clearly the benefits. C3 will relocate your systems without fuss to our latest technology IBM®, Cisco®, NetApp®, VMware®, CommVault®, Nimsoft® infrastructure. We’ll transform what could be a complex task to just a simple decision.

Cloud Back Up

The current market statement by specialists is that worldwide data storage is doubling every two years. So this poses the question, how do you back up your data in a cost-effective manner ensuring it’s secure?

C3 Innovations Cloud Backup powered by CommVault® presents the pinnacle in resilience, technological advancement and ultimate performance for your money. Critically, it’s easy to deploy and secures your most valuable asset – your data. Our’ Cloud Data Protection solution provides your business the peace of mind that your data is secure, recoverable and available all the time.

Cloud Storage

With C3 Cloud Storage your data is secure, optimised and fully managed. We deliver the solution to your storage needs underpinned by an exceptional commercial framework.

C3 Innovations’ Cloud Storage solution is unique – we utilise premium NetApp® technology and we transform the complex to simple.

C3 Cloud Storage ensures your data is secure, optimised and fully managed; underpinned by the C3 exceptional commercial framework and supported by a dedicated team of architects and administrators.

Cloud Server

The C3 Cloud Server offering presents the pinnacle of resilience, rapid processing and high performance combined. Critically, the C3 Cloud flexes with your business and market changes, it’s easy to deploy and the commercial modelling ensures you only pay for the processing you need.
Multi-tenant processing and memory from IBM® and Cisco® with infinitely expandable resources supported by a dedicated team of architects and administrators.

Private Cloud- Dedicated highly-secure IBM® processing and memory for critical business and web applications.


C3 Innovations offers Cloud IaaS in a flexible and scalable manner to migrate your business into the Cloud. C3 Innovations’ Cloud IaaS enables the best of both worlds: flexible, scalable compute, storage, and networking as you need it with a managed service wrap.

Optional multiple tiers of compute, storage, data protection and management, you can distribute your applications and infrastructure services in a manner that suits your business model, without compromising on service quality, agility or availability.

Cloud Security and Compliance

Network connectivity and the security of that connectivity, are fundamental aspects of a Cloud Service. C3 Innovations’ Cloud Services have been created with top level security and flexibility options around how your business interacts with the service. C3 offers a variety of levels of network penetration testing and reporting, including the use of external third parties to provide peace of mind that your systems and data are safe.

C3 Innovations delivers network solutions for Internet, WAN and DC, including co-location and inter-state presence. This includes dedicated and multi-tenanted HA, supporting advanced security and proactive perimeter defence.

Hosted Services & Cloud Monitoring

The C3 Innovations suite of hosted services has a solution to meet pretty much any business need. Moving away from complete on-premises solutions is becoming an essential part of the modern IT solution design wether it be total migration or just a portion with the C3 Hosted solution set we have your business covered.

Hosted Office 365

The C3 Innovations Hosted Office365® Exchange delivers to your users the best of bread in robust, simplicity and peak performance.

Flexing the number of mailboxes or design is simple; your virtual IT department is standing at the ready.

Enterprise Microsoft® email, calendar and contacts, pay by the mailbox in a model that works for you. C3 delivers world-class application maintenance and support, making life easy for our customers.

Support your business with enterprise-grade mail and messaging infrastructure. comprehensive corporate and small-medium business mail capability across multiple devices.

Enterprise Monitoring

Your business systems are critical to your businesses success, so it’s essential you are aware of any issues before your staff or customers are. C3 customers can begin the process of rectification with minimum lost time resulting from C3’s enterprise-level ICT monitoring of networks, servers, environmental systems, applications and communications links.

C3 leverages patented Nimsoft® monitoring software in the national Network Operations Centre (NOC), specialised operations personnel monitor and remediate every level of you ICT stack 24 hours per day. Further insight is provided to our customers through our secure web portal providing our customers the ability to review your systems and network. C3 Innovations is constantly on the job!

Hosted Data Base

Why place the resource demand on your business, allow C3 Innovations to look after your business day-to-day operational tasks along with a degree of management responsibility via C3’s Cloud & Managed Services.

You focus on strategically improving IT operations while we ensure smooth sailing of the rest.

Our team of experts deliver support for all your DBA business needs including: 24/7 Monitoring, 24/7 Incident Management, Baseline Validation, Backup/Transaction Logs, Maintenance and Implementation tasks.

Data Centre

Dedicated rack hosting situated in a secure, efficient high availability data centre environment. At the heart of your IT decisions will be where to locate your core computer infrastructure and systems.

Having the peace of mind that your racks are located within a secure, resilient and efficient Data Centre is critical to deliver maximum availability.

C3 Innovations ultra-modern Data Centre options incorporate the best in climate control, power redundancy, generators, fire suppression, communications and security. Our facilities are people-friendly with comprehensive meeting and collaboration rooms, break out areas and cafeteria.